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Akuma no Trill
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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013
8:37 pm
Microsoft fucked up Hardcore or Sony killed the XBox One
So, For anyone who is in to gaming and plans to buy either an Xbox One or a Playstation 4 just go for the PS4.

The Xbox One was create simply to hinder a gamer. Here I will go in to some details about the Xbox One :

Mandatory Online. Every 24 hours the Xbox One has to check in with Microsoft servers (there are a number of reasons for this , most of which I will get in to later here). If it doesn't check in EVERY 24 hours you basically just bought a 500$ Brick. It wont let you play offline games if it doesn't do the 24 hour check in. Seriously.

What about power outages? Moving long distances where the box isn't in use? What about people like me who keep their electronics unplugged unless they are using them?

Oh Microsoft.....You fucked up hardcore here. This was just a retarded idea period.

No Used Games. Basically every game for the Xbox One is a downloadable game. The physical disc is not even necessary. It takes the game off of the disc and downloads it to the Hard Drive Which means having a disc is worthless. It also means. if your a hardcore gamer with a huge ass library that the hard drive is goona fill up hella quick.

But, it also means you can only share a game with your friend IF they have been on your friends list for one month and you can only share the game ONCE with ONE friend. That's it. Which means being able to buy/sell used games is impossible.

But, they did say you can share your game with up to ten family members but they didn't go in to detail how....

Mandatory Voice command. To even turn on the Xbox One it will mean you have to speak to it (don't worry after that Microsoft says you don't have to use it, you can change the settings. But you will ALWAYS have to speak to turn it on) I don't use motion controls or voice control shit. This should be selective, not a mandatory feature.
Its just stupid.

Basically Microsoft created a shitty PC here, since everything this "Gaming Console" does the PC does and does better.

If your going to buy a console, as I plan to do, buy the PS4. It dosent do any of the bullshit that this box is forcing upon people.

Just some other peoples opinions on the XBOX ONE


Angry Joe Rant one
Part 2





Thursday, August 30th, 2012
9:10 am

So I changed my backround and decided I have to change my letter leingth its to hard for me to read...but I happen to think its pretty no?

Monday, April 30th, 2012
6:22 pm
After 5 years I have ended it.
I worked at a job I realy loved and enjoyed going to not many people can claim this. I finaly ended working there this past saturday and all contact today. Nic enjoy your victory im sure you are quite pleased.
Perhaps if I wasnt stubborn and more yeiling I wouldnt have walked away as easily as I did and I still am crushed to the core that I have walked away. It hurts alot...alot more than I realy want to admit. But it dosent matter ive already been replaced and theres no point in wallowing in misery,eventhough I will,I just cant return to a place where my treatment will just be worse than what I had tolerated up untill the day I gave up and walked away...
Im still stunned it is over now.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
8:47 pm
Help a mom get to her kids
Hey people a freind of mine needs help getting up her stairs shes going threw some hardships right now(Stage 4
metastatic breast cancer) and any little bit could help. Shes a very caring and strong person and deserves to tuck her kids in at night. Threw all her struggles shes been a posative and upbeat person without asking anything of anyone but now she needs a bit of help being able to do what so many of us take for granted every day

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011
11:24 pm

 I just realized how many journal enteries are for my eyes only......way to many pages.......
and I think I have like three for public eyes...
On another note I made a blog for random rambles god only knows why since I dont even maintain entries well here.....Its onlybeen three enteries and it seems im not maintaining the blog well either.....Bad me so bad:(
CrazyDigitalCatLady  Yeah thats me I found it appropriate lol and its mostly about Video Games but whatever

On another note does anyone know where Vices and devises went? I hate it when my yaoi groups just dissapear
Saturday, August 18th, 2007
4:58 pm
FMA links fixed

4 whomever asked the links are now useable.

Thursday, July 12th, 2007
8:24 pm
NO DL'S...just my randomness....

Like I said this is just my randomness so quick look away!
I have a big thing for saiyuki.........

My randomness is now over .......Now we return you to your regularly  schedualed programming...........

Current Mood: Grrrrr
Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
6:24 pm
bored.....so hear i wrote this meaningless prattle
Sunday, March 18th, 2007
7:58 am
i need to find one a.s.a.p.......by the end of this week....just felt the need to moan about it

Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
9:35 pm
manga reviewers
i just felt the need to vent about people who give manga reviews without reading the whole thing themselves.
#1 if your goona review a manga you should atleast read it
#2 if you dont read it dont give it a review because you dont know what your talking about do you?
#3 if you feel the need to give a review of a manga and you dident read the whole thing clearly state you dident bother to read it and these are your feelings about the manga not a review

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, February 18th, 2007
11:51 pm
well i figured i should just write something for s*@#s and tickles even though i dont plan on writing much beyond this.
i only joined live journal so i could get on some groups^^thet have my fave topics beyond that this is a waste for me(not to sound mean)but im not a group type person(you know lj,myspace......ect) that type of stuffi just dont pay attention to stuff like this often sooooooo....anyhow i just thought i'd writs something so its not all blank^^

Current Mood: complacent
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